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We specialize in creating custom applications that meet your specific needs. Our team of software experts will build an application for you that will increase the efficiency of your business.

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The niches we specialize in

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IoT / Smart Home

We combine IoT and Smart Home technologies with mobile and browser-based applications.

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Technology startups

We offer services at every stage of development, tailored to the needs and business requirements of the client.

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Software-related R&D

We are not afraid of new technologies. Based on the experience of our team in machine learning, we are eager to undertake research and development projects.

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Funding acquisition

We will help you in obtaining funding and provide technological support for your project.

We can help you acquire funds from the European Funds

If you have an idea for developing your project, but you do not have the resources to implement it, we can help you obtain funds to carry out the project.

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Readiy is a great partner for mobile app development as they have extensive experience in creating custom apps based on the latest trends and technologies. The Readiy programming team specializes in creating apps that are tailored to each client's individual requirements. The company uses modern tools and technologies such as React Native, Flutter, and Ionic to provide the best quality and performance for their apps. Readiy also focuses on testing and verifying apps to ensure their safety, stability, and speed. With a portfolio of projects from different industries, they demonstrate their versatility and ability to adapt to their clients' needs. As Readiy specializes in creating custom, tailored mobile apps, they are the best partner for those seeking professional help in creating one.

Readiy is also an excellent partner in creating dedicated web platforms. The company has years of experience in designing and creating web platforms tailored to each client's individual needs. The Readiy programming team specializes in various technologies and programming languages such as Node, Typescript, React, and Next, allowing them to create web platforms of varying complexity and functionality. They pay great attention to testing and verifying the web platform to ensure its safety, stability, and availability. With a portfolio of projects from different industries, they demonstrate their versatility and ability to adapt to their clients' needs.

Readiy is the perfect partner for those who need to quickly create prototypes of their projects. The company has a team of experienced designers and programmers who can create a prototype of an app or website in a very short time. Readiy uses Agile and Design Sprint methods, allowing for rapid prototyping and an iterative creation process. As a result, clients can see a visualization of their product in a short amount of time and implement any changes before the final deployment. Rapid prototyping is extremely important in software design as it allows for time and cost savings by quickly adapting the project to changing client needs. Readiy ensures that prototypes are not only produced quickly but also comply with the highest quality standards, providing full customer satisfaction.

As a company, we offer outsourcing and body leasing of our qualified employees to meet the needs of our clients' projects. This allows our clients to take advantage of our knowledge and experience in the field of engineering and software design without having to hire new employees or create branches in other locations. Our outsourcing and body leasing services are flexible and tailored to our clients' needs, allowing for effective and efficient use of our resources. Our team of employees is characterized by high quality and commitment to project execution for our clients. We strive to make outsourcing and body leasing the perfect solution for our clients, allowing them to achieve their business goals effectively.

Readiy is an excellent business partner if you need help creating projects from start to finish. The company has a team of experts in design, programming, and testing who will provide you with full support at every stage of the project. Readiy provides an individual approach to each client, analyzes their business needs and requirements, and then proposes the best solutions. As a result, the company is able to design and implement a project that perfectly meets your needs.


Our Projects

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The application enables users to remotely manage devices used for pet care, as well as providing access to knowledge and tools necessary for effective pet care.

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In the project, we used deep neural network learning for the reduced order embedding for representing the dynamics of the flow system.

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Revolutionary technology to support poultry farmers: monitoring, minimizing pollution and improving poultry welfare.


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