Mobile application and service for managing IoT devices

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We have completed a project to create an advanced mobile application for pet lovers. The application enables users to remotely manage devices used for pet care, as well as providing access to knowledge and tools necessary for effective pet care.

The project was completed based on a comprehensive solution that combines electronics, mechanics, a mobile application, and an administrative panel for device operators and sellers. Our main goal was to enable pet owners to remotely manage the care of their beloved pets.

Due to the diversity of product users, we decided to introduce the application on both iOS and Android platforms. We achieved this using tools that support both platforms simultaneously, thereby significantly lowering the project cost. Taking into account the wide range of audiences speaking different languages, we decided to use a tool that allows for easy introduction of additional languages without interfering with the application code.

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Michał Kaczmarczyk

Specialist in software solutions

The first step is to understand the needs and requirements of the client. In the case of this application, it is important to know what functionalities are expected of it, such as displaying information about the state of the litter box, remote device control, usage monitoring, and so on.

Next, we conduct a market analysis to understand competitive applications and what features are already available. In this step, we also evaluate what features can help differentiate in the market and propose the best solutions to meet customer requirements.

During the execution of this project, we encountered a challenge related to processing large amounts of data transmitted by thousands of devices per second. To meet this challenge, we had to pay particular attention to aspects such as security, data analysis and aggregation, system architecture, scalability, and many others. Thanks to the hard work and perseverance of our team, we were able to achieve satisfactory results and we are proud of the success we have achieved.

Work process for the application.

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Understanding customer requirements

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Market analysis

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Prototyping and designing

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Programming and testing

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Project deployment