Intelligent Waste Management System

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Readiy Technology House is engaged in creating an innovative mechanism for municipal waste management devices that identify garbage bins in real time and use a camera and specialized algorithms to check if waste has been properly segregated. Information about lifted bins, such as weight, time, geographical coordinates, and various other system status data, are transmitted via cellular network to a database. This innovative waste analyzing and IoT device management platform is aimed at the public sector and has tremendous potential for integration with other systems.

Along with the platform, we create a web portal for customers, which enables continuous control over all devices, downloading lists and statistics, sending appropriate configurations to devices, as well as full control and verification whether a given bin should be emptied or not, where a given vehicle is located, and if everything works correctly.

Our platform is compatible with various mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, which is extremely important in today's world, when more and more users access the Internet via mobile devices.

Work on this project started in 2021. The initial phase was the selection of appropriate components to create the entire system, and then the construction of a lift simulator lifting bins. The next step was to program all elements and select the appropriate software. Our system offers many capabilities and configurations depending on the customer's needs. It allows identification of each bin using a unique RFID chip, weighing waste during emptying of the container, constant monitoring of vehicle positions, taking pictures of the contents of the bin, which are transmitted to the server and verified there by the program and an algorithm that catches improper objects that should not be in the given bin. It also ensures safety, alerting of any dangers such as fire, gas, or radioactive substances.

Considering the experience and innovative technologies, Readiy Technology House offers thoughtful and effective design. Guided by understanding customer needs, we design and create solutions that respond to their requirements.

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Michał Kaczmarczyk

Specialist in software solutions

We use RFID technology for bin identification and image recognition algorithms for waste segregation verification.

The system monitors bins for the presence of dangerous substances, such as gas or radioactive materials, and alerts in case they are detected.

The portal allows for device monitoring, downloading statistics, sending configurations to devices, and verifying the status of garbage bins and vehicles.

Work process for the application.

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System Design and Component Selection

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Development and Programming

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System Testing and Adjustments