Innovative Photocatalytic Technology (RCI) for Breeding Plants

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We are proud to introduce Innovative Photocatalytic Technology (RCI) dedicated to poultry houses. Our solution focuses on improving poultry welfare and effectively monitoring and reducing pollutants such as dust and ammonia.

The main component of the project is an application that collects data from sensors deployed in poultry houses. These are presented in an easily digestible form that is tailored to the needs of poultry farmers. Each poultry house is equipped with sensors from four categories, and data is collected from them, from which an average is calculated.

In addition to the application itself, our team worked on the system architecture, ensuring stability and reliability on our servers. We also put in place a process to enable efficient communication between the devices and the application.

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Michał Kaczmarczyk

Technology Specialist

It allows farmers to monitor the condition of poultry houses in real time, leading to more efficient management and improved poultry welfare.

Absolutely, one of our main goals was to create an intuitive application tailored to all users.

We plan to further develop the technology, including expanding the range of monitored parameters and improving data processing algorithms.

Project implementation process.

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Development of project concept and strategy

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Design and Prototyping

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Implementation and Integration

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Testing and Implementation

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Support and Optimization