Electronic system for high-frequency data transmission

Main Project Photo
The goal of the project was to develop an electronic circuit with a Kintex 7 FPGA and QSFP connectors capable of 40 Gbps data transmission.

As part of the project, an electronic system was developed based on a 12-layer printed circuit board equipped with two QSFP connectors, each operating at a speed of 40 Gbps. The main component in this system is an FPGA called Kintex7, which allows for programming of the system's functionalities.

The system was designed with applications that require high data throughput and programmability in mind. With the use of the Kintex7 FPGA and fast QSFP connectors, the project enables fast data transmission in high-performance networks such as data centers and servers. At the same time, the ability to program the FPGA opens up a wide range of possibilities for customizing the system for different applications and requirements, making the project universal and scalable.

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