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Our company helps entrepreneurs connect with customers through advanced applications and electronics. A team of experts will design modern solutions that will help you increase the efficiency of Your company's work.

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Michał Kita 

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Comprehensive Software & Hardware services

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Electronics devices

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For Start-ups

If You run a startup and need help with technological development, we are here to help You. Our IT services include designing and developing advanced applications and electronics.

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Readiy is an experienced executor of IoT and Smart Home projects, characterized by a comprehensive approach to designing and implementing solutions. Thanks to their skills in electronics, programming, and integrating IoT devices with web and mobile applications, Readiy delivers custom and reliable solutions that meet individual business needs of their clients. The company is also up to date with the latest trends in the field of IoT, which allows them to design modern and future-proof systems.

As a partner for startups, our company has many qualities that make us a good choice. Our skills in Machine Learning, Blockchain, and rapid prototyping of comprehensive solutions allow us to deliver custom solutions tailored to the needs of startups. As a partner, we are always open to cooperation and offer our experience and knowledge to help startups in their development. Our professional approach to work and flexibility allows us to adapt to the individual requirements and needs of startups.

Readiy has extensive experience in R&D projects, which allows us to carry out even the most complex projects. Thanks to our skills in Machine Learning, Blockchain, rapid prototyping of complex solutions, and knowledge in the field of FPGA and high-frequency circuits, we are able to create innovative and custom solutions that meet the expectations of our clients. As an R&D company, we are open to new challenges and constantly developing our skills to meet the latest market trends and requirements. Our approach based on innovation, creativity, and flexibility allows us to deliver unique solutions that contribute to technological development.

Automation is a field that is of great importance to industries, transportation, energy, and building automation. Our company specializes in automation solutions, as we believe that automating processes is crucial for production efficiency and quality, as well as for improving work safety. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in designing and implementing automation systems, we are able to provide customized solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients. In addition, as a company specializing in automation, we keep up with the latest trends and technologies, which allows us to design modern and future-proof automation systems.

Thanks to our skills in designing, programming, and implementing automation systems, we are able to provide custom solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our knowledge and experience in IoT and designing FPGA and high-frequency circuitry provide us with the necessary expertise to create advanced control systems. Our team consists of qualified specialists who stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies, allowing us to design modern and future-proof systems. In the defense industry, security and confidentiality are also important, which is a priority for us during project implementation. We encourage you to contact our company so that we can work together to create a solution perfectly tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Our experience in designing automation systems and IoT solutions allows us to create innovative solutions for the medical industry. With our skills in software design and programming, we can quickly prototype and deliver comprehensive medical solutions, such as diagnostic systems, patient monitoring, and medical data management systems. We also have knowledge and experience in using artificial intelligence, blockchain, and FPGA technology, which allows us to design safe, reliable, and scalable medical systems. Our team consists of qualified specialists from various fields, ready to implement demanding projects in the medical industry. We invite You to contact us so that we can create innovative medical solutions tailored to You.

We have experience in implementing edtech projects. Recently, we have completed an educational robot project, along with an educational platform, a mobile application, and an online teaching panel. Our project team was responsible for the entire project process - from design to implementation, as well as programming the educational robot, which communicates with the platform. During the project, we focused on providing high-quality solutions that enable education in a modern and innovative way. Our knowledge and experience in the field of edtech allow us to design custom and tailored solutions to meet the needs of our clients, which contribute to the development of education. We are proud of our involvement in educational projects that have a positive impact on the future.


We create technology that shapes the future of the world.

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Oskar Onuoha

Specialist in product management

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Michał Kita

Specialist in electronics and hardware

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Michał Kaczmarczyk

Specialist in software solutions

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Mateusz Kuc

Specialist in sales and marketing


We deliver excellent quality thanks to our excellent team.

Our company consists of a team of specialists in software and electronics. Each of our employees is a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that every solution we deliver is of the highest quality.

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How is it like to work at Readiy

Working with Readiy is primarily about a pleasant atmosphere and a lot of creative freedom for engineers. One can constantly develop here, and flexible working hours allow for balancing work with studies.

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Michał Zalewak

Project Manager/3D CAD engineer

We are always open for talented individuals.

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The goal of the project was to develop an electronic circuit with a Kintex 7 FPGA and QSFP connectors capable of 40 Gbps data transmission.

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We have developed a project of an intelligent module kit for toys of the future.

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The application enables users to remotely manage devices used for pet care, as well as providing access to knowledge and tools necessary for effective pet care.

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In the project, we used deep neural network learning for the reduced order embedding for representing the dynamics of the flow system.